What is Digital Consulting?

Talk from Tokyo to LA for free, store and archive all of your email’s so that you can find them with a quick search, or set up a free conference call. Call me or email me to schedule a free half hour find-out! xyzadam@gmail.com 801-687-1401

Consulting: A consultant (from the Latin consultare meaning “to discuss” from which we also derive words such as consul and counsel) is a professional who provides advice in a particular area of expertise such as business, technology, or a whole host of other disciplines.

Digital: In this case, digital refers to technology, computer hardware and / or software, cell-phones, syncing of electronic devices, setting up digital information retrieval systems, etc.

So a digital consultant is an expert in technology who helps small businesses and organization use the tools they already have to their full capacity so they can make more money with less time.

You might be asking, “Why do I need a digital consultant to call on?”

There’s no stopping the information revolution we’re going through. Whether it’s scanning barcodes with a cell phone camera, accessing your email from a Blackberry, or the latest invention from Google, the revolution is changing everything about the world you and I live in.

Technology is increasing faster and faster every day. And sometimes you might feel like it was invented without keeping the human user in mind! I can help. You might have a PhD or be a brilliant entrepreneur. You might be a resourceful team leader or an accomplished executive.

Even you, with all your schooling, training, and experience, might feel lost when looking at all those digital products and web tools.

Do you ever wonder…

Which tools are the best to use and where can I find them?

How can I search for a great copyright attorney or other professional? Google’s just not cutting it.

How does this CRM software work? Which one is the best?

How can I personalize this web tool so that it fits my organization?

Isn’t there a better way to organize my files?

Is there an accounting system that actually makes my company run smoother?

If you’ve ever thought any of these things, you’re not alone. You may feel frustrated by the number of options that there are. Maybe sometimes you’d rather throw that computer out the window than go through another minute on hold with some call center in India (nothing against our friends in India).

That’s where I come in. At the height of your frustration, you call me. You say, “My problem is xyz… what I want to accomplish is xyz… what can I do?” And I give you some simple solutions that make your business run smoother — and that allow you to get back to work on what’s really important, getting new customers and improving the quality of your products or services.

In other words, I’ll give you tools that help you make more money from your current business by using innovative new products, and save you money on what you’re already doing.

I’ve helped dozens of people just like you understand technology and apply simple tools to help them become more productive. Whether it’s setting up a free conference call for your small business, installing Gmail or Outlook properly so you can keep in touch with all your contacts, backing up your data cheaply and quickly, or even just figuring out how to send pictures via text message.

15 (of the hundreds of) Tools I Can Give You (and Teach You How to Use) That Will Improve Your Productivity

1. Never lose another email, attachment, graph, or other document. A method that lets you quickly and easily archive all your email’s so that important documents, attachments, or important messages are always a simple Google search away.

2. Keep track of projects through simple project management software. Where to find free project management tools to allow collaboration in your company to be as simple as point and click.

3. Organize and keep track of your prospects. How to keep track of prospective clients using simple, yet powerful CRM software that keeps track of all prospects in a simple format.

4. Never forget an appointment, call-back, or deadline again. How to keep track of all your appointments, call-backs, and deadlines. I’ll show you how to set up a simple system that will send you a text message or email 30 minutes before all your appointments, or a day or two before important deadlines.

5. $100,000 phone system for just a few dollars a month. Set up a professional telephone system complete with a dial-by-name directory, an 800 number, a professional voice that says, “For sales, press 1, for customer service, press 2, etc” without paying thousands of dollars up front and with only a small monthly fee. I can show you how to get all your voicemail’s sent to you via email or available online from any computer with an internet connection. You (and all of your employees or co-workers) will be able to answer your calls on your existing mobile, home and office phones, or even on your PC.

6. Learn to send and receive faxes with only an internet connection. All of your incoming faxes will be sent to you via email as a PDF. To send an outgoing fax, either scan a document or attach a Word, PDF, or other file.

7. How to quickly and easily see your co-worker’s desktop 1000’s of miles away with a simple tool that only requires a small fee and an internet connection.

8. How to setup an e-commerce interface that includes credit card processing, electronic check processing (ACH & EFT), a payment gateway, virtual terminal, and an easy and flexible API (your software programmer will thank me for the easy API). On top of all this, the product I recommend will also allow you to remain compliant with the industry security standard so you are PCI compliant. This is very important! If you process credit cards, you must meet 12 security requirements to securely protect credit card information. I’ll show you how to avoid big fines that come to those who don’t comply.

9. How to send press releases through free web platforms that will reach thousands of people. The internet has really changed the PR business and the old way of paying thousands of dollars to send a message on a private wire service is over. These free methods will not guarantee you the same results as high-quality PR firms with big connections, but they will get your company in front of thousands of people. Not bad for free.

10. How to set up a free conference call. I’ll show you one option that allows you to not only hold the conference for free, but also record it and have the MP3 send to you via email.

11. How to setup hosting for your new website with the best provider. Why you might want to consider a few services from Amazon (especially if you’re expecting a big uptick in traffic on your website or you can’t afford or don’t want to buy and maintain a server farm).

12. How to set up a blog quickly, easily, and for free. This will allow you to easily keep in touch with your clients, customers, and even gain new customers.

13. How to monitor your competition with simple daily or weekly email alerts that search for new content on all the blogs and news sites of the web. This is great for players in a competitive market that want to know what the other players are working on, rolling out, etc.

14. How to create graphs and charts with excel with ease.

15. How to quickly get the sum of thousands of numbers, calculate conversion ratios for a sales page you’ve set up, or run other other useful reports, all with a simple tool you already have — excel!

16. How to use technology (and some good, old-fashioned ingenuity) to get free publicity for your company — and to do free marketing.

I can help you with all of these and more. I am confident that I can assist you in achieving your goals. Your tools should be in your control, and I can help you get there. What good is a hammer if it can’t help you build your house?

Call or text me at (801) 687-1401 or e-mail me at xyzadam@gmail.com to schedule a free consultation.

Adam Chavez
Digital Consultant
My Blog – Making a Startup Stick


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